NTEU Chapter 242
NTEU Chapter 242


NTEU Chapter 242's employees are highly-trained, experienced and dedicated to the success of our business.


Dan Peters

Chief Steward


DCP Fair Lending Specialist, RO




Lisa Brinston

Assistant Chief Steward


RMS Examiner, Downers Grove





Office Primary Alternate
Appleton Samuel Gullerud (RMS) Jerry Andersen (RMS)

Eau Claire

Eric Weichert (DCP) Andy Lau (RMS)
Madison Lisa Sorge (RMS)  
Milwaukee Cathy Burgmeier (DCP) Deb Anderson (RMS)
Chicago FO

Beth Houghton (DCP)

Lisa Brinston (RMS)


Mike Kovarik (DCP)

David Koder (RMS)

Jeff Johnson (RMS)


Darrin Nelson (DCP)  
Springfield Michael Snyder (RMS) Rita Robers (RMS)
Mount Vernon Angela Bishop (DCP) Marlon Dunn (RMS)
Champaign Christy Shallenberger (RMS) Minette Sternke (RMS)
Grand Rapids Matthew Barrera (RMS)  
Detroit Michael Wisniewski (DCP)  
Indianapolis Rhonda Little (DCP)  
Columbus Cheryl Bilinski (RMS) John George (DCP)
Cincinnati Jordan Agan (DCP) Kunta Jackson (DCP)
Hopkinsville Cameron Eichberger (RMS)  

Rachel Penn (RMS)

Stephanie Bissell (DCP)

Brian Pigott (DCP)

Trudyann Covey (DCP)

Chicago RO

Dan Peters (DCP)

Brian Lundh (RMS)

Steve Houlden (RMS)


Current Listing of Stewards and Officers
STEWARDSlist June 2021.doc
Microsoft Word document [37.5 KB]

Contact Information:

NTEU Chapter 242
300 S Riverside Plaza, Chicago, IL 60606

Phone: 1 312 382 6936 


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